Monday, December 27, 2010

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Anonymous said...

You,sir, are an idiot. Libraries are a place of learning. If you want to study with a blaring TV, then stay home. You have no right to go to a sanctuary like the library and force your ridiculous views on everyone else. If we want noise, we will stay home and blare our tv. If we want a quiet study area, distraction free, we go to the library. Are you 12 or something? When you mature, you will see what a tupid post you have made.

theHoundDawg said...

Dear Anonymous,

Ah, the uneducated resulting to name-calling; how precious.

I guarantee I have spent 100 times the hours in libraries that you have. Back in the 1960s, when I was in high school, I would take the bus to downtown Los Angeles to the great LA Central Library to work on projects. Through my years at UCLA I spent innumerable hours in Powell Library and the Research Library, studying and researching, and I worked in Powell through my Junior and Senior years. Through three years of law school I spent a lifetime in the library, and over almost 30 years practicing law, I spent untold time in both the LA County Law Library and the private library I built in my own office suite (no noise restrictions there). My home is a virtual library, as my wife and I have amassed a book collection that nears 10,000 volumes (no noise restrictions there either).

You want quiet? STAY HOME! Like I said, people have no trouble reading in Barnes & Noble and Starbucks. Libraries should be no different, save for a meaningless relic of bygone days.

Anonymous said...

As for me, when I read complex materials, like scientific and mathematical literature, it is difficult to concentrate when people in the room talk. In the case of casual reading, I can comprehend a sufficient amount of material to understand the issues (Playboy, Superman, etc come to mind). Even in the latter case, there is a point above which I cannot tolerate the noise... for example, when you are surrounded by people who speak so loudly over cell phones, that they think the signal increases as they raise their voices. Try reading Shakespeare in that din...