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Anonymous said...

The problem is not charter schools. The problem are these management companies like Imagine and Top Hat that siphon hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars out of the charter schools every year for basic financial and "record keeping" services. They can do this because the law allows for charter schools (which are 509(a)(1) operating educational public charities) to be run like they are private family non-operating foundations. Pass a law that requires Boards of charter schools to consist of at least 50% of parents who are democrratically elected by parent groups and you would see the problems go away. The problem is that these management companies have learned that if they control the selection of the Board of Directors, they can continue to rape and pilliage the school and siphon ABSURD amounts out of the school and into the coffers of these private, for-profit institutions.

TheLeaver said...

So basically what Anonymous is trying to say - the problem IS charter schools.