Monday, March 22, 2010

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Gary said...

I suppose the two things about it that trouble me the most are:

1. The lack of a single-payer plan. Heck, everyone from the Swedes to the Canadians to the French, etc., have proven that single-payer plans are the way to go, haven't they?

2. What impact it will have on Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans. My wife goes on Medicare in September (I'll be another two years getting there.) and we're unclear on all that ramifications.

The bad news right now is: Medicare coverage/benefits are really not all that great compared to private insurance plans. And the various companies offering Medicare Advantage coverage really do bring Medicare up to speed -- and one we're looking at has no premium above the Medicare required premium.

We fear Medicare cuts to the Advantage providers will really mess things up.

The good news is -- making the Medicare changes may truly improve Medicare at its basic levels.